Internet Security
At IndusInd Bank, security of your account transactions has always been our priority. We at IndusInd Bank have made all efforts to ensure your security and have already implemented 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Plus, a host of internal control measures and processes ensure that your transactions remain confidential.
Listed below are some tips to ensure more security.
  • Change your Login Password and Txn Password on your first login.
  • Change your Password frequently or at least once a month, through the Change Password option.
  • Destroy the Password after memorizing it, do not write down your password or store it anywhere. Avoid using it when others can observe you.
  • Don't disclose your Passwords to anyone; it is both personal and confidential
  • Choose Passwords that are difficult for others to guess. Do not select easy-to-guess Password, like date of birth,telephone number or sequential numbers such as 111111, 12356 etc
  • Use both letters and numbers and a combination of lower case and capital letters in your Passwords.
  • Always log out of Indusnet after using the service or when you will be away from your PC. For security reasons, your login session of Net Banking will be terminated if your browser is left idle for a while.
  • Always remember to close the browser application after logging out
  • Avoid accessing Net Banking through PC's installed in public/open areas, e.g. cyber-cafes or libraries.
Beware of Fraudulent Email Alert!
Please be aware of suspicious emails that could invite you into revealing your sensitive information, e.g. Login ID, Passwords, and other confidential account information. Such emails may lead you to a fake website that looks very similar to the Bank's genuine website, or request you for update of banking information. Our bank does not issue these emails and you are advised to ignore them and not to respond to any requests for personal information. If you believe that someone is trying to commit fraud by pretending to be an IndusInd Bank, please contact us immediately at

Some tips to avert a fraud
  • Be alert for scam e-mails. They may invite you into downloading a virus or click through to a fraudulent website in order to elicit your confidential information.
  • Do not disclose sensitive information.
  • Make sure that websites on which you transact business have privacy and security statements and review them carefully.
  • Verify the website address (URL) is, Take a few extra seconds and type the URL yourself.
  • Do not login to Indusnet through hyperlinks embedded in emails or third party websites.
  • Don't reply to any e-mail that requests your personal information. Do no disclose your Passwords over email.
  • Check the sender of email. Do not open e-mail with an attachment.
  • Look for the padlock symbol at the bottom right of a web page to ensure the site is running in secure mode BEFORE you input sensitive information.
  • Do not keep computers online when not in use. Either shut them off or physically disconnect them from Internet connection.
  • Immediately report any irregularities.
  • Keep you Personal Computer updated by downloading security patches and install the anti-virus and firewall software on regular basis
  • Do crosscheck your last login information regularly to monitor your sessions.
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